Wooden jigsaw puzzle - An item can be diversified your ideas
Wooden jigsaw puzzle - An item can be diversified your ideas

Style & Trends - Jul 05, 2023

Puzzles are cool again! And guess what? There are lots of proven benefits when it comes to doing jigsaw puzzles (for both adultsd kids). Here’s a quick round-up of some of the different skills that doing jigsaws can help you to develop. You never know, this may be just the push you need to rediscover your love of puzzling!

The benefits of doing puzzles regularly

When you play puzzles, you might not know it, but you’re investing in many health and well-being benefits! The brainteasers sold in our puzzle shop online all aim to challenge you and encourage you to develop heightened problem-solving skills. Here are a few benefits of playing puzzles

  • Exercise both sides of your brain. While it helps to be able to look at high-quality wooden puzzles with rationality and objectiveness, that alone won’t get you the solution. You also need to use the creative parts of your brain to try new solutions and explore your options. When you do puzzles regularly, both your left and right brains are getting a workout.

  • Improve problem-solving skills. As people need to explore a variety of approaches to solving a puzzle, high-quality cognitive skills develop rapidly. Puzzles help us use trial and error to come to a solution.

  • They’re a natural mood booster. There is no better feeling than solving a puzzle you’ve been working on for a while. The rush of dopamine you’ll get will naturally enhance your mood and well-being.

Why wooden jigsaw puzzles are worth it?

Made using super precise cuts, wooden puzzles have uniquely shaped pieces that make them (in my humble opinion) more complicated than paperboard puzzles—which also means they can be more challenging. That’s nothing to worry about, though, because you’ll often find the same puzzle offered in multiple sizes ranging from 50 pieces to 200+. Another thing you’ll notice is that wooden puzzles are way more durable than the thin, paperboard varieties we’re used to seeing. The thick, wooden pieces satisfyingly click into place, and don’t bend or fray over time like their cardboard counterparts.

Bluemoon wooden puzzlePeaces of wooden puzzle

What Are the Important Factors You Should Look For in a Wooden Puzzle Kit?


Wood is the most common material used for making any kind of jigsaw puzzle. Apart from that, you can even get jigsaw puzzles made with cardboard or foam. Though cardboard and foam are safer as compared to wood, they get damaged easily. Besides, most manufacturers use protective coatings for wooden puzzles so that kids do not get any cuts while playing with them. Hence, look for puzzle sets that are made with high-quality, BPA-free, non-toxic wood and have protective coatings on them.

While buying any jigsaw puzzle set, look for the age range that it has, as it would help you to get a suitable set. There are wooden jigsaw puzzles for 3 years-old that can help them learn the alphabet and identify pictures. Moreover, you can even get wooden puzzles for kids and for adults. These sets contain clickable puzzle pieces and are not safe for babies at all. Hence, make sure to look for a wooden puzzle based on the age of your kid. 

It is important to have a price range before you buy a puzzle set as it would help you narrow down your choices. You will find tons of sets made with good quality wood that can cost a lot. In such cases, look for sets that are budget-friendly and come with safety certificates. Such products are better to use as they meet the safety standards of the industry and don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

What Essential Features Should You Look For in Wooden Puzzles?

Size of pieces

Many jigsaw puzzle sets come with extremely small pieces that can get misplaced easily and even create a choking hazard. In such cases, the set becomes completely useless because replacement puzzle pieces are hard to find, and you might have to get another puzzle set to play. Before you buy a wooden jigsaw puzzle, make sure to read the size description of the puzzle pieces or look at the images for a better idea. It would help you to find a set that is safe to use and will last for a long time.


The shape of the jigsaw puzzle pieces also plays a vital role in your hunt for a wooden puzzle. While most of the wooden puzzles come with a detailed outline and perfectly shaped pieces, some sets do not have any defined outline, and even the pieces are irregularly shaped. If you get such puzzles, then it can take hours to solve them, which can be a bit frustrating. Hence, always ensure that the puzzle kit has a defined shape or not. 

Mind the size and number of pieces

While buying a wooden puzzle for kids, you would want to look for the one with fewer pieces so your kids can solve it within a minute. If you get a puzzle set with more than 100 pieces for a 5-year-old, then it would take them more than an hour to solve, and they will gradually lose interest in it. 

And not only a kid, no one wants to be halfway through a puzzle before realizing it’s way too big for their space, always check the dimensions of the assembled puzzle before adding it to your cart. Just like non-wooden puzzles, the fewer pieces you have, the less time it’ll take to complete, and vice versa. Another key piece of advice (ha!), the more intricate the pieces, the more fun you can expect to have while piecing your puzzle together.

Thus, make sure to check for the number of pieces that the set has before you buy the product. You can find the number of puzzle pieces in the description of the box.

Pay attention to the print quality

Though it can sometimes be hard to gauge when shopping online, your puzzle’s print quality matters, otherwise the image could fade or get scuffed over time. The clearer the puzzle looks online, the more likely it will follow suit in person.To help make your search easy, we suggest some website with the best wooden puzzles for adults you can find online such as: Gifttify, Impossible puzzle, Unidragon,..

Some design ideas suggest for 2023


Animal is a niche never out of date. You can make many designs with this niche like cats, dogs, ocean creatures, wild animals,... and mix the diversity of colors

Cat puzzleCat puzzle

Some common landscaping niches include outdoor art, planting design, aqua scaping, vertical gardens and sustainable design.

Bluemoon puzzle

Bluemoon puzzle

Abstract art:

Abstract art is a great idea to design puzzles because of the diversity of colors in the art. That boosts the level of difficulty for players.
Musical instrument abstract puzzle

Musical instrument abstract puzzle

Holidays of the year:
You can make designs with holidays of the year like Mother’s day, Father’s day, Back to school, Halloween, Xmas,...  

Independence day puzzleIndependence day puzzle

What types of puzzles Gifttify has?

Uv printing: 

UV printing is a technology of inkjet printing directly onto materials with UV ink and drying immediately with a UV lamp (UV LED or UV mercury lamp). UV printing is considered the most advanced printing technology today, multinational brands such as McDonald's, HSBC, AEON Mall, etc. have all applied standards for advertising products such as signs and light boxes. Genuine uv printers.


True color puzzle printing, higher image quality. The UV lamp dries the ink instantly, resulting in sharp, vivid images. Color layers when printing multiple layers or colors at the same time without ink smearing or smearing.

  • The puzzle print has uniform quality, sharp colors on each puzzle piece

  • Very high durability due to UV ink being abrasion and tear resistant compared to other eco-solvent inks, especially more resistant to extreme weather conditions

  • UV printing technology is considered very environmentally friendly. During the printing process there is no release of volatile compounds into the air and no harmful odors are produced

Decal printing: 

Decal printing is a form of using design to print on decal sheets. The decal sheets often have one side coated with a film to help create gloss and then glued directly on the wood.


  • Smooth, high-gloss puzzle surface

  •  Easy to clean

  •  Cost, low price

Final Words

Wooden puzzles are the best way to spend time with friends and family. Moreover, they can help you teach your growing kids about the alphabet and numbers and improve their motor skills. We hope the reviewed products will help you find the perfect wooden puzzle for you and your friends.

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